What does QTA stand for?



We look to add a sense of entitlement by mentoring the leaders of tomorrow to shape up a healthier, cohesive and effective work environment.



Engaging with personal and enlightening them of how their strengths can be put to good use



Reliable and proud with our practice through human interaction and state of the art technology that fine tunes our community with personal and professional development 



Quality Training Academy makes individuals ready to thrive in a highly competitive work environment by honing their skills and improving their confidence levels. The technology boom has magnified the significance of industry-specific training and in-depth knowledge. Quality Training Academy’s pragmatic approach ensures all students are able to apply the ideas they have acquired, in real-life situations to get optimum results.

Services Offered:


 We look to make learning global, easily accessible and diverse for one and all by keeping up with the latest means of innovation that revolves on professional development. Passionate professionals from around the world connect with one another through our platform that provides access to quality learning and professional development courtesy our learned trainers



Designed for people from every background that ensures personal and professional development. We look to improve vocational practices to match with today’s industrial requirements. Our platform creates pathways for individuals to push for ventures abroad and gain certified degrees through our distinguished methods of training.


School Supply

Our associations with the finest educational institutes, schools, nurseries maintain and meet government requirements that mould leaders to grow through innovative ways of education. Our tailor made service for such institutes are equipped to adapt as per specific needs.

Distance Learning

Online Learning for children:

Our design of a ‘kid-friendly’ platform ensures that every child gets access to quality schooling methods. We look to promote nursery and school consultancy while supporting stakeholders in constant development of educational institutes with engaging curriculums and a unique learning environment.

Critical Friends:

Studying Before Class

Our tie-ups with the likes of SOLARO, Settlr.com. (Chk their websites for more info) and other educational brands from around the world guarantees authenticity and puts our platform on the map of the educational sector.

Doing Homework

NGO & Charitable Course:

We look to work with charitable organizations to build more number of schools with the best of facilities. We affiliate with several charity foundations and investors that ensure education, health awareness, and growth in underdeveloped locations.


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