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Supporting Bilingual Children




3 Hours


About the Course

Classrooms today boast a global mix of children coming from varied ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. Spoken language contributes to being the most important tool for an Early Years Practitioner in communication.
When supporting bilingual children in early childhood there are a few things you will need to do to ensure that the child grows up confident, and fluent in both languages.
This online training will give you an insight in creating a bilingual learning environment through learning materials. You will be taught how to support children in the early years to learn a second language.

Your Instructor

Saima Yasin

Saima Yasin

Saima Razaq is the Founder of Quality Training Academy, she is a pure Educationist at heart and passionate about Good Quality Education and Professional Training to ensure Best Practice.

She is a Qualified Early Years Educator and Consultant, a well-known name in the Early Years sector

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