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Level 2: Certificate in Principle of Marketing

TQUK Level 2 Certificate in Principles of Marketing (15 credits)

The total time for this qualification is 150 hours

Guided Learning Hours for this qualification is 116 hours.

Qualification Purpose
The purpose of the qualification is to develop knowledge and understanding to support learners who are employed in a role that includes marketing or as part of progression into the marketing sector.


Course Description
This module is about the role of digital marketing within the overall marketing strategy.

It includes;

  • understanding the strengths and weaknesses of digital marketing;

  • understanding the importance otargeted digital marketing;

  • identifying the sources of data lists for use in targeting customers;

  • legal requirements and implications of digital marketing;

  • customer Relationship Management (CRM);

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO);

  • social media;


Entry Requirements
There are no specific entry requirements however learners should have a minimum of level two in literacy and numeracy or equivalent. The qualification is suitable for pre-16 learners and above


Successful learners can progress to other qualifications such as:

  •  Level 2 Certificate in Principles of Sales (RQF)

  • Level 2 Certificate in Marketing (RQF)

  • Level 2 Certificate in Sales (RQF)

  • Level 2 Diploma in Sales (RQF)

  • Level 3 Certificate in Principles of Marketing (RQF)

  • Level 3 Certificate in Principles of Sales (RQF)

  • Level 3 Certificate in Sales (RQF)

  • Level 3 Diploma in Marketing (RQF)

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