Why Work With Parents?

Updated: Feb 15

Everyone working in an early year's sector understands that the relationship between the child-care establishment and the parents is an important one. A good relationship will not just benefit the child but also the parents and those who work with the children.

There are several reasons why working with parents is considered to be important and necessary:

· Parents have the most knowledge and understanding of their children. If they are encouraged to share with the carer, the child will benefit.

· Children need consistent handling to feel secure and are most likely to occur if there are good channels of communication between parents and the staff.

· Research has demonstrated conclusively the positive effect that parental involvement in the education process has on the progress of children. If parents become involved early on in the child’s education, they are likely to maintain this involvement throughout the child's educational career.

· Children’s learning is not confined to the child-care setting. An exchange of information from nursery to home and from home to nursery will reinforce learning, wherever it takes place.

· Parents have wealth of skills and experience that contribute to the child-care center. Participation in this way will broaden and enrich the program offered to all the children.

· Where parents are experiencing difficulties with their children, the parents may be able to share these problems and work towards resolving them alongside sympathizing and supporting professionals.

· Parents may feel a loss of their role when their child starts nursery or school. If the parents are involved, it may help the child to feel valued and it will help them adjust to this change.

Professionals need to understand the important part that parents play in the care and education of their children. By the time the child arrives at the nursery or school setting, the child will have acquired many skills and will know a great deal about who they are and about the world in which they live in. They will have learned all this within their family: the skills, the attitude, and the beliefs gained from parents providing a sound foundation for children’s learning and development throughout the early years and beyond. An effective partnership between parents and the child care setting will ensure that as children learn new skills, these will be encouraged and supported by both parents and professionals.

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