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Caring for a baby and the pressure on family life

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

Parents are undoubtedly the most significant influencers in the first year of any baby’s development. Caring for an infant of 0-1 years can be physically and emotionally demanding. Though it brings significant changes to the economic and social lifestyle of the parents, it is always a joy to care for and nurture the little bundles of joy!

Diversity of children rearing practice:

Babies thrive in a wide range of family structures, with various child-rearing practices. The role of child-care workers is to be non-judgmental. The worker's role is to provide continuous and consistent care for babies, not to forget working in partnership with parents. Such partnership should recognize that parents usually know their baby better than anyone else and it is important to learn from them about the particular personality and needs of their baby.

Parenting styles and attitudes:

Being a parent is a very crucial role and parents are likely to develop their way to manage these responsibilities. They may be given pieces of advice and support from their parents, brothers, and sisters. For some parents, there will also be cultural and community influences to balance alongside family support and advice.

A Nursery Setting:

There is no magic formula for resolving any kind of difficulties, but a centre that values its partnership with parents will work hard to maintain the confidence of parents by trying to resolve any conflict to the satisfaction of all concerned.

This is most likely to happen if:

  • Staff deal with parents’ concerns seriously and courteously.

  • Anger and aggression are dealt with calmly and not in a confrontation manner.

  • Parents skills, feelings, and opinions are acknowledged and valued.

  • The centre has a consistent and well thought out approach to the way that it works with parents, which all staff are aware of and in support of.

  • Any concerns that staff has been communicated properly and honestly with parents.

To conclude, childcare workers need to take a nonjudgmental approach, that is one that recognizes parents have a great deal to contribute to the shared care of their children, and where professionals accept that parents' views and values may differ from their own.

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